True story: From £6.50 per hour to £10 000 a month!

This is continuing story published by me before 6 years.

I am in the cleaning business since 2012 July
I started as a domestic cleaner in private properties. After my working schedule was filled, because of my hard work I still had a new request from friends of my current customers.
Then I thought: Why I am still the only one person in my business because this is good business if you like what you do and if you have the right skills to manage it? Job Done!
The first member of my team of two was joined in 2014. I trained her very well and she deserved all her excellent recommendations of her clients.
But I still getting inquiries, what is the next step?. Next thought was? One more lady has to be trained by us! And where we are now? Step by step thought after thought, now we are a Limited Company with more than 400 regular clients and more than 20 well-trained professionals!
Here I will mention that I have graduated IT in Bulgaria and this education helped me a lot to build what I have now!
But I will never stop. Full of ideas and a lot of my own mistakes who are the best teachers in life, I started to learn how to build my own website with my skills?
The job was done after 4 months and 20 hours in front of my computer – the website was published, created by me and even one penny was not spent for that! I was proud of that!

Year after one of my clients told me:

“Iva I would like to help you to renovate your website, I am a specialist and I can help you to improve it! That was like a miracle! Of course, I accepted, because I am always open to learning everything I am able to remember to improve what I am doing and what I am.
Here I can write a lot about the difference between a boss and team leader, but that is another story learned in my past. I am not a boss! I am a leader! That is enough for no
I am proud of that what I have done for the past 6 years and I will never stop doing that because I love it! I am proud of my self and what I am doing like a person and like a business manager of all of that!
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help related to the cleaning, managing team, team leader, marketing strategist! :)
Work, Persistence, Ambition, Positivism!
По желание на автора публикуваме продължението на нейната история на английски език.
Успех, Ива!!!
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